Technical Support

First Step Checklist

To receive the fastest response to your technical questions, please complete the following check list before you call or send e-mail:

  • You may already have the information you are looking for. Before calling, consult you product documentation, product help section, our Updates and Patches (to the right) and our FAQs (to the right).
  • Before you call, get the exact version number of the application you are on. To get this information, select “Help” from you main menu and then choose “About”.
  • Know the type of computer you are on and the version of the operating system you are using.
  • When calling, be in front of your computer, with the computer on.
  • Record the exact sequence of events that created the problem. Make sure that you can reproduce the problem by following the same series of steps.
  • Let the technician know what you have already tried and the results of those attempts.

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